Join us in Paris to discover the first functional prototype of a Techbakery micro-factory at "Carrefour Numérique" for the FabCitySummit on July 13th, 14th and 15th.


Designed somewhere, done with love around the corner.


The industrial production process is today characterised by its extremely centralised nature. Raw materials are brought from many places in the world to one place, often China for electronic products but not only. It is in this unique place that the product will be manufacture and assemble in large quantities. This is a very costly and timely process, which requires expensive tools developed specifically for the product and at least six months to set up the production. The product is then sent worldwide to be sold to the end user.

With Techbakery, all products in the catalog can be purchased and directly manufactured anywhere in the world. The production and sale is made on demand at the nearest Techbakery (micro-factory-shop).
This allows to:

(Re)Use local materials and electronic components
Products are made from a stock of raw material, with a strong emphasis on using local, new or re-used, materials, which vary from one place to another (wood, textiles, some plastics ...). The electronic is assembled from functional modules that are common to several products, and therefore easily inter-changeable, repairable and reusable on other products. Only the ordered products are manufactured, their lifetime is extended and they are integrated in short revaluation circuits, right next door.

Bring back production closer to people
With this local business, we aim to create a real relation to this "artisanal" object, which is almost unique, made by and for a person, and integrated into the economic/production life of each city. Products are manufactured under the eye of the customer, from the raw material to the assembly. More, their technologies are thoroughly explained, enabling the customer to really understand what he's going to use every day… and maybe create vocations. This geographical and human proximity also make it easier to design one's own product.

Produce and distribute with the same flexibility as an app
As for a mobile application, once your product respects the design language (best practices, materials, processes and components available in all techbakery) you can directly make it available to production and sale throughout the network. Designers, startups, makers, ... you can now distribute your creations, without any cost of stock or tooling and without minimum production quantity, in several versions, allowing customization. All that almost overnight.


Through the website or directly in the Techbakery (micro-factory-shop) of your neighbourhood you can browse the different products designed and offered by designers, makers, startups and companies around the world. Choose your product and any customization you want, pay, and we start the production! Discover the different stages below, from the production of the parts and the elecronic, to the final assembly and test. Your product is ready, freshly baked in front of you.

Raw Materials
Wood, Plastic, Fabrics, Leather, Paper, Metal, ... in  sheets, plates or tubes, as much as possible from reuse or local production.

Flat cutting of materials from laser cutting or shears for metal sheets and tubes. Forming by folding or rolling if needed.

Finishing & Custom
Wooden pieces sanding, sides painting, customization by texts or patterns by engraving or transfer paper on all materials.

Pre Assembly
Straight seams on fabrics, pre-assembly of wooden and plastic parts by gluing, and other methods to obtain the main pieces of the product.

New functional modules or re-used from old techbakery products, new or re-used components (electrical cord, speaker, socket, ...).

PCB Fabrication
Cutting and engraving of the electronic board according to the product, printing of protection and mounting inscriptions.

Welding of functional modules and components on the just manufactured support board, assembly of cables.

Electronic Test
Launch of the product-specific test routine to validate that all electronics are well assembled and functional.

Complete assembly of all the elements of the product, by interlocking, lacing, staples, glue, screws, ...

Functional Test
Test of all the functions of the finished product to ensure its quality. Last checks and cleaning.

Booklets & Packaging
Print of instructions and product explanation booklets. Packaging and labelling for traceability

Your product is ready,
freshly baked
in front of you.


A big thank you to those we have already met during this adventure, to those who support us, to those who already trust us for the manufacturing and distribution of their products and to all those we will meet very soon.
Tom Hebrard
Tom Hebrard

Product Designer

Creative, detail-oriented, always focused.

Quentin Iprex
Quentin Iprex

Industrial Engineer

Curious, tech-geeck and gets serious when it comes to work.

Sami Sabik
Sami Sabik

Creative Hacker

Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor.


You are interested in offering a product on the platform? You are interested in opening a techbakery? You are just interested in following the project or helping us develop it? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or leave a message with your email to be informed. See you soon !!