Local Tech Production at a Global scale

We use new digital manufacturing tools combined to craftmanship and industrial standard to develop a new design and manufacturing process.


Going from a centralised manufacturing system to ...


... a network of on-demand local manufacturing system.

To be able to ...

Bring back manufacturing close to everyone

  • Create local activity, in communication with all other cities
  • Show manufacturing to everyone to more easily create vocations
  • Ease access to production to allow everyone to launch a product

Go worlwide with the same flexibility as an app

  • Cut tooling and certification cost to focus on dev and operation
  • Update your product features worldwide overnight
  • Adapt your hardware to the user and how he use it

Use and re-use local materials

  • Adapt the product raw materials to the manufacturing location
  • Include production in a circular local economy
  • Avoid product to end in the trash, with a modular design